For Sellers

Moving On

There are many reasons for taking that next step in real estate. A growing family? A promotion at work? Not enough space for entertaining or other lifestyle considerations? A change to your family's situation? Whatever your reason for selling, we want to help you get the highest possible price for your current property. More than that, we want to understand what that property has meant to you since you've owned it. Maybe you grew up there, or raised a family in that home. Maybe you've experienced some difficulty and you're happy to be moving on. We respect your reasons for wanting or needing to sell and we will guide you through each step of the process.

The upside of downsizing

In business, downsizing isn’t a word that anyone wants to hear, but in real estate it provides homeowners with a wealth of opportunities. Every year, millions of people are electing to purchase a property that’s smaller than the one they currently own. Whether you’re switching to a smaller space because the size of your family is changing, or you want a lower-maintenance home for retirement, there are plenty of upsides to downsizing.

The task may seem daunting. You may wonder, "What will I do with all this stuff?" We're here to help. We can guide you, room by room, and connect you with experts to help you 'clean house.' Call us!